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Current: Version 0.4.2 Initial Developement

Currently in developement. "expect greater... later"

Are you looking a adventure through a huge map, and for free?
Then My Game is for you!
Unleash your inner explorer!
wander and dicover the land and seas around you, find your way through the world.
Development has just begun.

beta testers needed.

Apply to be a Developer! email me slayerandmetallica.182@gmail.com


Version B 0.4(Latest)
Version B 0.3
Version B 0.1
(Development Reboot)
Version A
Version 0.4.3
Version 0.4
Version 0.3
version 0.2 (intial developement)
version 0.1(initial development)

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iPwn4G's Explorer iPwn4G's Explorer

iPwn4G's Explorer

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